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FIITJEE is the only institute of real substance !

FIITJEE, since its inception in 1992, has been serving the Students of this Country with utmost sincerity, just like a True Guru. We have been abiding by a Value System which revolves around Truth, Transparency & Commitment. Our Unique Innovations in the field of preparing Students for IIT-JEE & Other Competitive / Scholastic Exams have always proved to be very helpful in empowering Students to reach the pinnacle of Success. And all these traits have led FIITJEE into becoming the only Institute of Real Substance !

Chairman's Message

" This Journey from just an IIT-JEE Coaching Institute to the most powerful brand in serious education has been exhilarating. However, the Journey is not over yet. For us at FIITJEE, the Journey will never be over...

For us, this Journey itself is the destination.”

Mr. D. K. Goel (Founder Chairman & Chief Mentor - FIITJEE Group)



Keeping our mission in mind, we will establish a transformational leadership position in each of our projects across the globe. We will become a Comprehensive Global Leader In Education by 2030.


To create World's Best Institution that serves the society for thousands of years -may be perennially. To Make India Global Leader In Education, both In Not For Profit as well as For Profit Ventures.


FIITJEE value system revolves around truth, transparency & commitment. Whatever we think, we say & whatever we say, we do. We present to you what we actually are.



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These programs prepare you for higher-level academic & competitive exams like NTSE, IOQJS (NSEJS & IJSO), RMO & Green Olympiad by raising the IQ of the students i.e. sharpening analytical skills & mental ability...

These programs lay a strong foundation for competitive exams like NEET, JEE Main & JEE Advanced, etc. These programs help students easily adapt to the exponential increase in the level of academics in Class XI & XII…

Along with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics, Social Studies & Biology are also taught in these programs. Mental ability is exhaustively taken up. These three years of intensive preparation work like ambrosia even in X & XII Board Exams…

"The long-term focus of these transformational programs is to raise your IQ i.e. sharpen analytical skills & mental ability and evolve your thinking process. This empowers you to achieve the best possible ranks in JEE Main,...

Achieve significant improvement in just one year in your preparation by raising your IQ i.e. to sharpen analytical skills & mental ability and evolve your thinking process, which will help you get into an IIT / NIT with the desired Rank…

Excellence in JEE (Main & Advanced): Emphasis on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and sharpen their analytical skills and parallel thinking process that makes them…



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Student Gallery

Student Testimonial

Mridul Agarwal (AIR-1 JEE Advanced 2021)

I am AIR-1 JEE Advanced 2021. Joining FIITJEE gave me a boost in my overall preparation. The Grand Master Package contributed highly to solving quality questions. The teachers here helped in enhancing my mind and prepared me for all kinds of questions. I thank FIITJEE from the bottom of my heart for my achievement.

Sumeet Sawale (AIR 2229 - JEE Mains 2022)

I am a student of the Two Year Classroom Program. I am an NTSE Scholar(2020), KVPY Scholar(2022), and JEE Mains 2022 – AIR 2229. I have learned many new things through the experienced faculties. Registering with FIITJEE has been advantageous in solving tedious questions quite easily. I would highly recommend my juniors to apt FIITJEE and unleash their true potential.

Tanishka Rahate (AIR - 2170 in JEE Main 2022)

I am a student of the Four Year Classroom Program. I joined FIITJEE during COVID and the classes were held in online mode. The classes were conducted smoothly without any pause. AITS and AIITS were also conducted in the online mode which helped me in my overall improvement. I suggest my juniors to opt for FIITJEE and owe my success to them.

Tejas Wandile (AIR 1270 in JEE Main 2022)

Being a student of Four Year Classroom Program helped me in my overall development. Joining FIITJEE, Nagpur has been tremendously helpful in solving questions of higher level. I chose FIITJEE because of its consistent and good results in JEE exams. During Covid, the classes were held in an interactive manner. I would thank FIITJEE for my success and highly suggest it.

Chaitanya Garg (AIR 172 in JEE Main )

FIITJEE is really helping me change my outlook on approaching a problem. I have enrolled in the Four-year classroom program and I’ve been studying at FIITJEE Nagpur center for 17 months. Through this program, I was introduced to new and innovative ways to crack any competitive exam and we were provided with the best study material any JEE aspirant would ever need.

Anant Lunia (AIR-3 in JEE Advanced 2021)

FIITJEE has played an important role in my success. I enrolled in 3 years classroom program in 10th std to prepare for my competitive exams, and it was the best learning experience for me. The environment of classroom was very engaging and teachers helped us in covering all topics by exposing us to a variety of questions and paper patterns. With the help of comprehensive study sessions, I cleared NTSE, JSTSE, KVPY SA & SX, NSEP, and INHPO and also got Rank 1 in Technothion.

Chandrima Nandi (AIR 3121 in JEE Main 2022)

I joined FIITJEE in class 11th through BIG BANG Edge Test 2020 and I enrolled in Pinnacle 2 years program. During that time, Covid-19 Pandemic was spreading rapidly, but it couldn’t hinder my productivity thanks to FIITJEE’s online classes, doubt sessions, and extra classes. We were provided with weekly tests, assignments and hard copy study material which helped us get through the exams.

Dhananjay Raman (AIR-2 JEE Advanced 2021)

I've been studying in FIITJEE Dwarka since class 7th. Through the guidance of FIITJEE, I cleared JSTSE, NTSE, KVPY, INMO, and INPHO, acquired a gold medal in IJSO 2018, became a world topper in IAO 2019, and got another gold medal in ICHO 2021. FIITJEE nurtured me from a very young age and helped me build a strong base of concepts in class 9th and 10th and taught us everything we need to crack IIT- JEE exam.

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A New Batch starts next week. Our timetable is scheduled likewise and only a few seats are remaining. So book your seat today and do not miss any update from us.

10 August 2022 - 05.00 pm
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10 August 2022
Total 736 FIITJEE Students have been Awarded KVPY 2020-21! REC
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10 August 2022
Total 736 FIITJEE Students have been Awarded KVPY 2020-21! REC
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